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Trekking the Annapurna Range

When I'm asked about my favorite places in the word, Nepal ranks near the top.

I trekked the Annapurna Range of the Himalaya Mountains, avoiding the over touristed and spoiled Everest region.

I never wanted to climb mountains, but when I lived, ate, slept, and trekked in the shadow of the Himalaya Range, I understood the allure. The Himalaya have the spirituality and power of the ethereal.

Combine that with clear mountain rivers, crude suspension bridges, raw and friendly settlements, and unsurpassed scenery - and you have a near perfect cultural and wilderness combo- adventure.

Forgive the slang, but the capital city of Kathmandu will "blow you away." There is unique architecture, Hindu cremations on wood pyres, nightly offerings of food art creations and horn blowing, and farms within a short walk of the city's center. At night, occasional power outages leave the city lighted by candles.

There is no other city like it.