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Jon Helminiak

People often tell me, "I'd love your lifestyle."

My response is, "if you make adventuring a priority in your finances and your time, you can do it too!"


I've spent my discretionary money accumulating experiences, not material items.

Of the over 60 countries I've been to (and that means explored, not just passing through for a night), on these pages you will find a few of my favorite adventure destinations.

Not featured, but also memorable are:

South Africa/Zimbabwein 1987 before they became popular tourist spots.

Circumnavigating Bali in 1993—the north and east sides of the island were completely native and un-touristed.


Cambodia - even today, an charming yet historically taciturn destination.

Scuba diving sunken Japanese WWII ships in Micronesia's Truk Lagoon

Canary Islands - off the coast of northwest Africa