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Jon Helminiak
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When I'm not on an expedition, I love to speak and take the audience on my adventures while sharing the empowering lessons I've discovered.

I love telling stories and transporting the audience into new worlds, where they can see the many lands, people, and wilderness challenges I've been blessed to experience.

I'm comfortable speaking to any size group - from ten people to several hundred. Every time I take the stage, my goal is the same...

To encourage listeners to view their lives from a different perspective by leaving their routines and operating differently.

Below is a summary of my primary message. I customize each presentation via a brief telephone conversation with meeting planners or senior staff to discuss your organization's specific challenges, obstacles and goals.

"Jon's a world traveler with a message of encouragement, whether a short distance adventurer or a hearty trail blazer. His natural, warm and enthusiastic speaking style makes the journey a real pleasure."

— Maureen Costello
Image Launch, Consultant to Fortune 500 Companies

"Students and adults who are looking for exciting leadership models to follow will discover that Jon is the perfect role-model for them!"

— John Greenwood
Wisconsin Institute for Public Policy and Service

"This presentation is powerful and straightforward. There's no fluff or sappy 'feel-good' preaching. Instead, it's a riveting performance of how Jon made his own path, and that in itself is enough inspiration for me!"

—L. Brandushka
International Leaders Forum

"Jon's speaking provides the kind of inspiration that is exactly what liberal arts offerings from a university should present for the public and especially the 'next generation'."

— Sarah Miller
Community Volunteer

"Jon's presentation is inspiring and motivating and it changed the way I look at certain business situations. It also makes you want to take a different type of vacation than you've done before! I can't imagine someone not benefitting from hearing Jon's presentation. He is the perfect speaker to kick off a company's annual planning or sales session."

— Michael Jordan
President, Duncan Technologies, a global manufacturing company with principal in California, Wisconsin, New York, and Australia

  Jon Helminiak


Achieving the needs of your group is a priority. No presentation is given without a personal conversation to ensure a successful outcome. Contact Jon to arrange his personal appearance for your business, event, school, meeting or conference.


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